In 1964, US President John Kennedy founded the Alliance for Progress, which gave rise to Partners of the Americas (POA). Through international collaboration, exchanges and voluntary service, the POA brings together community leaders, experts, intellectuals, athletes, teachers and students, who work in harmony with the UN’s sustainable development goals, promoting cooperation and respect among the differents nations of the America and the world. Each brazilian states and the other countries has a POA chapter and an equivalent state / chapter in the United States. The Goiás committee, founded in 1965, is among these states having Wyoming as an equivalent chapter.
The Partners of the Américas Goiás has as main objetictive to connect, serve and transform lives. We seek to facilitate the connection between people, institutions and governments throught exchanges, multidisciplinar projects and voluntary actions. Through our direct contact with the US State Department, we obtain scholarships for the professional qualification of our members, whether these works are in private initiatives, government or even in education institutions.
We seek to recruit members who can participate in the development of projects that bring benefits to the community. As a non-profit organization, we are always promoting actions and campaigns for fundraising and we also host events to exchange experiences with participants from local and international committees (all of Latin America). Be part of Partners of the Americans too!

GYNCampus is a student chapter of the Partners of The Americas networks. Created in 2016, in the city of Goiânia, was pioneer in the establishment of the chapter as belonging to a geographic region, covering diverse local campus of different universities.
Under the “Empowerment Through Development” lemma, the GYNCampus has been growing over time and started to impact the local community, through many projects, focused in differents groups in situation of vulnerability.
To exemplify, we have projects like Be Welcome, which promotes Portuguese language teaching for refugees and migrants and facilitates their social insertion. The Walking Library, which takes the magic of reading and of new universes to children in some kind of social vulnerability. There are also many other projects of equal importance, such as Partners Girls, American Club and Survivors.
GYNCampus accepts, empowers and encourages the participation of university’s volunteers in all its projects, besides of allowing the local community engagement. Generating unique experiences and connecting the members with an intense volunteering network that extends from the United States to Central and South America, we reach many people and we always aim to empower and impact lives.