The Event

Created by members of the Colorado Chapter, the What Works Conference is a space in which Partners of the Americas members can share actions, ideas, and projects undertaken by their committees, giving chance for new ideas, contacts, and actions. In their earlier versions, the conferences focused on showing successful projects and how the network could work together.
In 2017, the conference, which took place in Medellin, Colombia, raised “lo que funciona” in the chapters and led the members to share the best experiences of each committee as a way to inspire actions within the network. With the motto “Juntos Podemos” the conference in Texas in 2018, it focused on linking committees, leading them to understand the importance of working together.
In Goiás, the conference proposes to go further. In addition to understanding what works in other realities and showing that working together optimizes results, What Works 2019 aims to present the importance of civil society organizations in realizing global agendas. “GO Global” is to understand how the Partners of the Americas network, and its chapters, have been working to develop actions that help their respective countries achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
The Global Goals are 17 goals created by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The main idea of these goals was to create an international sustainable development agenda for all countries of the organization. Replacing the old 8 millennium goals, countries should try to achieve global goals by 2030, but without hurry, each country according to its time, pace and availability. The important thing is to try to get as close to the targets as possible.
By understand that such goals achievement requires joint forces from government and civil society, in 2019, the chapters of the Partners of the Americas and other civil society organizations around the world are invited to share their efforts to achieve the Global Goals.
The Professional Chapter of Goiás and PartnersCampus Goiânia will be the hosts of What Works convention in 2019. Take a look in our website to check how can you, your chapter or your organization/institution participate. We count on your participation to enrich our event and we look forward to meeting you!
What Works Goiás 2019 will happen on November 18, 19 and 20, 2019 and will be held on Centro de Aulas D of Universidade Federal de Goiás (Federal University of Goiás) – (Adress: 1199, 1ª Avenida, 815 – Setor Leste Universitário, Goiânia – GO, 74605-020)
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